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About us

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From production to installation

Our factory based in Ascoli Piceno makes different types of windows and frames using different materials systems:Ponzio, Hydro, Schuco, our mission is satisfying our customer needs using solutions designed by our technical department. We also make bespoke conservatories, aluminum shutters, curtain walls, everything followed and installed by our specialized staff  labor, to assure the quality and reliability of the company.


We guarantee quality and durability thanks toèay attention during our prodcution cycle in compliance with the standard quality

The termal break

ensure a considerable energy saving

The thermal break windows ensure a considerable energy saving. This function is guaranteed by a special heat-insulating material, placed between the inside and the outside of the frame. In this way it is possible to minimize heat loss.
Our fundamental goal is to respect the environment by energy saving philosophy realizing fixtures with high thermal stability, that allow to save energy and money, and to have more benefit in terms of quality of life. The thermal break windows allow to keep the heat accumulated inside of the building and not to disperse it. The windows we produce guarantee quality and durability, because we pay attention during our production cycle that is costantly in compliance with quality standards

The curtain wall

outer covering of a building

A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building it mantain all the normal functions of an outside wall, which does not carry any load other than their own weight and the thrust of the wind. These loads are transferred to the main structure via links to the ceiling or to the pillars of the building. The curtain wall is the ultimate solutions to resist air, water infiltration and forces wind .
Our staff are qualified in the most advanced systems for design and technical  solution, their technical knowledge is the result of extensive experience in the design and execution of important works, both in Italy and abroad

Others achievement

Realizziamo progetti speciali

our company is able to perform any kind of project we construct a “Special Projects”.
We produce aluminum shutters slats open or closed and adjustable, showcases for shops and showrooms, partitions for office, conservatories tailored bins insulation, window blinds and shutters aluminum blinds, mosquito nets


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